Walt Disney is responsible for introducing to the world animated TV shows. Since then, many American animated TV shows have appeared, and of course, Simpsons holds the throne for the most-watched animated TV show ever. The satire, lovely characters, indirect political messages, as well as amazing graphics are what make this TV show so popular and relatable that generations of viewers have enjoyed the show. Simpsons has revolutionized TV in so many ways. It has proven that an animated TV program can be so diverse and cover so many topics while being cosmopolitan and subversive. It has opened the door to satire and psychological depth and freedom of speech to American media. Many have followed its steps but it was hard to follow them in the right direction.

Family Guy- Popular TV sitcom

A follow up of the Simpsons is the popular sitcom, Family Guy, which debuted on January 31st, 1999 on Fox. Seth McFarlane is the creator of the show. The story centers around the main character, Peter Griffin, his wife Louise, and his children, Meg and Chris. At first glance, it’s a typical American family and each character is well-developed and has certain personality traits. There isn’t a need for additional explanation about Family Guy, it’s just a good show. Family Guy is a cultural phenomenon completely reflecting the American culture and at some point is so stereotypical about it. 

It’s full of satire and intelligent humor that many times you will find yourself laughing hard at Peter’s witty jokes. The show was actually canceled on Fox in 2012 but returned stronger than ever back in 2004. An interesting fact is that Family Guy is celebrating its 20th birthday on the American scene. Many find in Family Guy an honorable replacement of Simpsons, which has just finished its 30th season. Many times you come back to an episode that you enjoy watching over and over again, so here are some of the most memorable Family Guy moments in honor of their 20th birthday. 

Season 5, Meet the Quagmires

This is the episode where Peter learns what his life would look like without Louis. Many times the series puts the characters in some new and unfamiliar positions, like the one where Chris is the live dealer in a casino teaching players online roulette tips and tricks. This episode features Louise on her prom night and later on, she marries Quagmire. Of course, it’s about travel back to 1984 of Peter and Brian. The whole episode is a parody and an amazing example of the Road to… series of episodes.

Season 2, Road to Rhode Island

It’s one of the series of Road to… episodes in Family Guy. The episodes of the Road to… series are time-traveling journeys of the duo Stewie- Brian. Their exploration of the place, blurring the line between reality and the imaginary, as well as the thoughtful jokes of Brian is what makes these episodes interesting to watch. In this episode, Brian picks Stewie up from his grandparent’s house. Later on, they get lost because they lose their airplane tickets. The whole trip is about finding their way back to Quahog before Louise actually finds out about it. During the trip, Brian finds his puppy house. It’s both a hilarious and emotional moment in Family Guy. 

Season 2, Road to the North Pole

Another one of the duo’s adventures, this time traveling to the North Pole where they have a mission to kill Santa Clause. What they discover upon arrival is that Santa’s factory is full of dirt and diseased elves. Stewie and Brian in this episode trying to help Santa Clause to deliver gifts to children around the world, however, without success in the end. The Christmas gathering is being destroyed and the song “Christmastime is Killing Us” is played in the background.