C.S. Sreenivasan (born 11 January 1969) is an Indian politician of the Indian National Congress, Kerala. CS Sreenivasan is a confident, articulate and multi-faceted Politician who is well-respected by the People. Being heard and making a difference; those are the reasons he wanted to get into politics since He was a teenager in college. His passion for social justice, making a tangible difference in the community and resolving people’s problems makes me the ideal candidate for a demanding position in politics.


C.S.Sreenivasan was born to Mr. Sivaramamenon and Mrs. Rugmaniyamma in Annamanada of Kollam district, Kerala. He has graduated from KKTM Government College, Kodungallur after completing his primary education.

Political Life

C.S.Sreenivasan entered politics through Kerala Students Union (K.S.U.) While studying at KKTM Government College, Kodungallur, he became a member of the unit committee of KSU where Srinivasan’s political career begins. In 1990, he was elected as the University Union Councilor, KKTM Government College. and in 1991, the Chairman, College Union, KKTM Government College.


1990 – University Union Councilor, KKTM College, Kodungallur, Thrissur
1991 – Chairman, College Union, KKTM College, Kodungallur, Thrissur
1992-2001 – KSU Thrissur District President
2001 – Elected as a DCC Secretary
2003 – Elected as a KPCC member2005 – UDF chairman in Mala Constituency
2010- 2015 Standing Committee Chairman for Thrissur Municipal Corporation
2020 – Present – KPCC Secretary

Political Chronicles and Accomplishments

CS Sreenivasan has founded Indac, an organization for the welfare of persons with disabilities, which has been formed at the national level and is carrying out various activities. Also, serving as President of several cultural organizations. He initiated to bring hundreds of activists from Thrissur district were brought into the movement through an organization called BlPS. He has given Gandhiji’s autobiography to 10,000 children for free.

CS Sreenivasan was elected as Councilor, Thrissur Corporation in 2010. During his tenure 2010-15, he was the Chairman of the Thrissur Corporation Standing Committee and participated in many development activities. He initiated to find a solution to the Laloor waste management problem and set up an OWC (Organic Waste Convertor) waste plant in Shaktan in 100 days. Within one hundred days a gas crematorium was established at Laloor. He Organized a two-day “Mikav” event for cleaners in Thrissur which was first time in Kerala.

Pulikkali, the best place to watch the show is at Thrissur on the fourth day of Onam, where Pulikkali troupes from all over the district assemble to display their skills, but Pulikkali, which lacked coordination, was taken over by the Thrissur Corporation. CS Sreenivasan served as its General Convener for two years, and now the Corporation has made Pulikkali a statutory event.

He led the installation of K Karunakaran statue at West Fort and established Achutha Menon Park at Kanatkara in Thrissur. During his tenure, the Thrissur Corporation has introduced a drinking water card for the first time in history. Also, he introduced an online system of birth and death registration. Based on the IHSDP, he built flats in Matampuram and led the rehabilitation of 254 people. He was the General Convener and Coordinator of most of the programs implemented by the Thrissur Corporation during his tenure.

CS Sreenivasan and K Karunakaran

CS Sreenivasan was a State volleyball player. He aslo served as the Chairman of the State Standing Committee of the Sports Council. During his tenure as the Chairman of the State Standing Committee of the Sports Council, the Thrissur Corporation hosted the State College Games with the participation of 20,000 youths. As the Trustee of Cochin Port, for the first time he was the General Convener to introduce the Cochin Port Trust to the engineering graduates of the College of Engineering, Kerala.